Manicure and Pedicure

Classic Spa Manicure

You can be sure that our technicians are highly experienced, follow the highest level of spa sanitation and give you a memorable experience. You will receive a relaxing hand massage and your nails are polished to finish the look with your choice of Essie or OPI polishes.

Shellac Nails

Shellac nails applies like a polish, but has the shine, mirror finish and zero dry time like a gel nail. “I have seen minimal damage to the natural nail. They come off in the time it takes for you to receive a back and shoulder rub, a “Sneha” treatment at A Sneha Makeup Studio. For optimal results, a maintenance visit every two weeks is encouraged.

Soft Hands Manicure

Warm touch reflects your inner glow. Warm your hands and heart with this manicure created specially for dry, chapped skin. It’s extremely soothing and moisturizing to tired overworked hands. It’s excellent for softening and grooming the cuticles. Widely used in the medical field, paraffin has gained popularity for relieving arthritic joint pain and muscular stiffness.

Teenyluxe Manicure

A manicure for your little one, 10 or younger.

Color Change

Refresh your nails with the best polishes in the industry.

Shellac Removal